To be honest, I’m not really sure where I stand on this one. I think it was a very interesting approach, it was different than all the others in a strong way. A group of observers rather than action-takers and fighters. Each issue was a different story, with different side characters. This led to me having different opinions, for example, I really liked the one about ghost cop but didn’t really like issue 6 with ‘The Four’. With so many different stories though, nothing was dwelled upon for too long which led to an interesting and quick read but also left me feeling that there was a lack of closure. As I kept reading, I learned that everything had a connection somehow, and would likely be re-visited, but there were no ‘happy endings’ or even endings at all for any of the issues I read. As for the comics themselves, I found them backstory heavy for each issue. It makes sense, considering that Planetary is a group of observers and archeologists, the past is an important thing that must be understood completely. But from a personal opinion, it was tiring, and I often skimmed and had to re-read because I missed something important. I found the wording sometimes odd.  I didn’t think there was enough character depth, I believe it was there but never explored. Snow had some character reflection, but as readers, we never really learn about the Drummer or Jakita. Overall, I appreciated the idea and the take of these comics, but sometimes they seemed scattered and didn’t have great cohesion.

One thought on “Planetary

  1. Hi,
    I like honest analysis on Planetary, I know this comic was a wonky read since the there was no drastic character development for Jakita and The Drummer, but a little bit for Elijah Snow. Since this was the first volume of the comic, it is understandable to know less about the characters even about Planetary. I also like the ghost cop story mainly because I found the myth behind the phantom cop was interesting. I might have to disagree on having closure on the sites they visited; it appears that they want these strange phenomenon to go through it course as naturally without any outside interference, i don’t think there needs to be any closure because it is suppose to be preserved and on going. Overall nice analysis.


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