Black Panther

This by far is one of my favourite comics that I’ve read. It’s very different than many others so in some regards it is my favourite altogether but in other ways, it’s not. I believe everything about these volumes of Black Panther was done very well. I first noticed the colouring. It was outstanding. The neon pink and blue contrasting against the black and jungle setting was very enticing. The costumes altogether were intense without being overwhelming. Black Panther’s costume especially, it was just black but the shape of it and the spikes around his neck gave the impression of great power and strength. The story line was confusing at first, and I had to re-read many things, but I realized that I had the unfortunate notion that comics were usually a simple read. I caught on to the transitions between characters that were seamless. It used a single panel between two stories to indicate a setting and character change, I found this very interesting. The multi story line was something I didn’t and still haven’t completely understood but I appreciate it. I know that some more context going into the first issue would have been very helpful but that’s on me. Something I liked was the complexity of each character. T’Challa was  flawed but he was strong. He asked for advice when he needed it but still trusted his intuition. The Midnight Angels were interesting as well, they fought for justice but had an anger that was both dangerous and empowering. I found that that these Black Panther volumes had an inspiring nature that was absent from all the others I’ve read. It wasn’t completely unrealistic like Superman but wasn’t trying too hard to be relateable like Ms. Marvel. Overall, I loved it and am now even more excited for the film to be released.

2 thoughts on “Black Panther

  1. Guinevere, I LOVED the fact that there were character changes in this comic. Sometimes, it gets boring just seeing a single superhero in every single panel of an issue. This one gave the readers a lot of variety with the characters, and also allowed us to view multiple points of views and aspects that was going through each and every one of the characters’ heads. Great post!

    – Daryl Hsiung


  2. I do agree that the story was a bit hard to follow at first, but it did get easier upon progression. T’Challa was certainly a complex character, one that I never really knew what he was going to do next, and that just made the story all the more interesting.


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