Ms. Marvel

I didn’t like it. It wasn’t bad by any means, just personally it wasn’t my favourite. Simply, as a whole, it just wasn’t my thing, and I’ll explain why. But my dislike, doesn’t mean that I can’t appreciate the things that were done well. I’ll start with that. First of all, it was really cool to see a Muslim superhero. Too often, are comics westernized with American culture and predictable norms. It’s nice to be reading something different and learning about different cultures. Also, it wasn’t just great to have a superhero that wasn’t your typical Caucasian, but to have someone that could be relatable as well. During Ms. Marvel’s first real fight, she lost. Which is actually a lot more likely than most superhero comics would seem to think. She knew she wasn’t immune to everything, and felt pain just like most people and most superheroes do as well.¬† However, I thought the inner narration was tedious, as well as the abundance of text in general. It just felt like a lot of reading, and I didn’t really need a step by step of her feelings all the time. Another thing was the humor. Again, just not my thing. It’s very likely I dislike humor in comic books altogether, but the sarcasm and constant attempt to be ‘relatable’ I grew tired of. And, the stereotypes, I mean, a girl liking video games and writing fan-fiction and being different from the popular blonde shouldn’t be a trope, and it doesn’t make her an optimal human being. I found this comic villain-ized too many people. In writing, I don’t agree with making the main-character the only ‘good’ character with out any character flaws, it’s often frustrating to read, it’s all inner conflict or ‘loneliness’ or ‘nobody understands me’. Too much angst. (Words 300).

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