All-Star Superman

I’m not an avid comic-book reader, but I know the premise of almost all mainstream superheroes and I like to keep up with my favourites. My only experience with Superman was either through movies or with my small collection of JLA (Justice League Alliance) comic books. It was interesting to experience a completely different approach with Superman. In volumes 1-6 he’s what I would consider vulnerable, as a superhero anyway. Most of the volumes focus greatly on a Lois Lane story line and besides Kryptonite, it’s apparent that she is his weakness. Superman, the Man of Steel has reoccurring internal struggles, and that’s something I appreciate about All-Star. It becomes tedious to have a immune, all-powerful hero repeatedly fight battles he’s bound to win, but when the battles are brought on by his own difficult decisions, internal conflicts and when danger surrounds everything he loves, it gets more interesting. However (and it’s very possible I don’t know enough about comics to properly form this opinion), but I found the volumes a bit disorderly. I didn’t think enough time was spent on developing character motivations and emotions, and I also thought there were some things that seemed out of place or unlikely. For example, when the attention of Lois Lane is being fought for, I don’t think it’s likely that Superman would have been so easy-going about it. He is Superman after all and I believe should have been more protective. I did like the Lex Luthor story line and I believe they portrayed him very effectively through both his dialogue, and through the comic formatting. His repetitive appearances and very confident attitude was antagonizing yet also foreshadowed to the reveal that Superman going to die. (285 Words)

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